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Mary’s words “May it be done” or “Be it done” are often referred to as her fiat, which is the first of these words in Latin. Mary’s fiat is her submission to God’s will.

When we echo her words during the Angelus, we, too, submit to God’s will in our lives. We model our faith after Mary’s faith by opening ourselves up to the will of God.

Why is Mary such a great model for faith? It all goes back to her fiat. With full trust in God, she set her will aside and let his will be done.

Think about the choices she had. She could have said “Let it be done later,” and she could have downright refused—but she didn’t. Then, God brought redemption into the world through Mary.

God wants to bring life, peace, and goodness into this world through you, too.

Are you willing to let it be done?

Have the courage to echo the words of Mary and live the life God wants you to live.

Angelus Meditation

Is there a fiat you need to make today? Think through your day. When have you needed or will you need to submit to God’s will for your life? Pray for the strength to echo Mary’s words and let it be done.

Jared Dees

Author Jared Dees

Jared Dees is the creator of The Religion Teacher, a popular website for religious educators, and the author of Praying the Angelus: Find Joy, Peace, and Purpose in Everyday Life .

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