Praying the Angelus

Find Joy, Peace, and Purpose in Everyday Life

By Jared Dees

The Angelus is a centuries-old Catholic devotion that recalls the annunciation of Christ’s birth by the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. In Praying the Angelus, popular author and speaker Jared Dees reinvigorates the devotion, shares intimately from his own experience of it, shows us how to get started, and enriches the practice with original meditations to reflect on the words of both the Angelus and the Regina Caeli.

In This Book You Will Find . . .

  • The History and Origin of the Angelus and Regina Caeli
  • What To Expect When Praying the Angelus
  • Reasons Why the Angelus Is Needed More in Our World Today than Ever Before
  • Spiritual and Actionable Meditations on Each Phrase of the Prayers

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Jean-François Millet's famous painting The Angelus captures workers of long ago stopping to pray in the field. In a modern context, Jared Dees leads busy people to appreciate this biblically-rooted devotion and, through guided meditations, makes this ancient prayer of the Church come beautifully alive once again.

Most Rev. Joseph E. KurtzArchbishop of Louisville

Praying the Angelus is a necessary read for those seeking to develop an interior life based around the discipline of prayer. With the gift of a teacher, Dees treats the Angelus not simply as an ancient practice but as a school of prayer for the modern person.

Tim O'MalleyDirector of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy

Excellent, excellent work by Jared Dees. The best explanation of the Angelus I've seen yet, expanded with background, solid Catholic teachings, and personal anecdotes that bring this traditional Catholic devotion to life. This really is a keeper!

Marge FenelonAuthor of Our Lady, Undoer of Knots