Pope Angelus Address (Francis)

Each Sunday at noon the Holy Father appears in the window of the papal apartment to give a weekly Angelus address. The Pope’s Angelus address is typically a short homily about the Sunday readings. After delivering this short reflection on the readings, the Pope proceeds to pray the Angelus Domini (or the Regina Coeli duringe Easter). Afterwards he typically greets the pilgrims that are present in the square in various languages of the world.

The Pope delivers his Angelus address in Italian, which is made immediately available on the Vatican.va website. Soon afterwards, the Pope’s Angelus address is translated and offered in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. The recitation of the actual Angelus Domini or Regina Coeli themselves, however, are recited in Latin.

Read or watch Pope Francis’s Angelus/Regina Coeli Addresses. 

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